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Introduction SaleHoo Amazon

The rise of e-commerce has been happening since the dawn of the net. Because it has been in place for so long, many business models have been developing to form the backbone of this growing business.

Some of these are wholesaling and drop shipping. Now, wholesale is something that most people are already familiar with: it is buying products in bulk. If you are considering going into drop shipping or looking for ways to help you with this business model, then this article is for you.

First off, what exactly is drop shipping?

Dropshipping is a retail business model in which the seller does not maintain its products in stock. The products aren’t stored in the vendor’s warehouse, not even in an office. Instead of directly shipping items for every single purchase, the online shop purchases the item from a third party which would be the one to ship the product to the customer. Consider drop shipping as being an intermediary to the buyer as well as the direct seller of the goods. Too much? Maybe this video explanation from YT user Oberlo can help.

Online stores that choose the drop shipping business model are given many advantages over conventional sellers apart from eliminating the need to invest on tools, materials, and storage area. A laptop and an internet connection can technically be all that forms the shallow entrance barrier for online shops that choose the drop shipping business model.

Additionally, it suggests that they won’t need to buy from suppliers beforehand, as it is only necessary when a purchase is completed. All of these, coupled with the fact that additional working staff is not a direct requirement, translate to easy scalability for a small business. This is because all the pressure for coming up with products is only on the provider. SaleHoo Amazon

How does Salehoo factor into this?

To make things simple, Salehoo acts as a tool for researching products, maintaining a directory of suppliers, and even reaching out to other drop shippers, wholesalers, and suppliers for e-commerce.

It’s nice to know that among those co-founders, Simon Slade, had prior experience in online selling. According to him, he thought of SaleHoo’s concept because he found it tough to locate wholesalers that were willing to associate with new business startups.


Characteristics: What Exactly can SaleHoo Provide You?


Let’s start with where you would be most of the time on the program. SaleHoo’s dash has one job that it does well: helping you keep your stuff organized. It can keep track of all of your suppliers, products that you’ve been tracking for some time, and advancement on your training (more on that later).

Aside from providing an summary of your action, you can also read and respond to messages in the dashboard. All kinds of suppliers can be contacted through here, from wholesalers to drop ship suppliers, just as long as they meet the requirements to be part of SaleHoo’s network. With just a few clicks, you can then reach the inbox of any supplier that will pass SaleHoo’s requirements.

The messaging that SaleHoo provides is also not only the app version of your normal e-mailing support. It’s very much designed to be for buying and selling. You can see this from the message templates available for users, that is used for most reasons for users to get in touch with a provider and vice versa.

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Choose Among a Large Pool of Suppliers

SaleHoo’s most important selling point, of course, is their wide choice of suppliers. When it comes to sourcing products for business, the main thing is finding a distribution partner which you can trust. SaleHoo takes care of this for you, as it provides its users providers for all sorts of imaginable products all ready for a trade.

Dropship Suppliers

SaleHoo users can choose from more than 1000 screened and verified dropship suppliers. All these companies have passed SaleHoo’s evaluation and feature the standard of quality that SaleHoo promises. This way, users can make certainthat they won’t be handing over their money to bogus suppliers.

A summary of every drop shipper’s most important details can be viewed upfront. These details include contact information, product price range, information on their products, reviews from other users, in addition to shipping information.

No matter what type of product you would like to sell, there is likely a drop shipping company that offers what you want. SaleHoo’s suppliers cover an extensive range of categories like Clothing, Gym Equipment, Antiques, Electronics, and a lot more.

Catering to the domestic or the global market can be done easily through SaleHoo. Those in countries with limited suppliers will also benefit mostly from SaleHoo, as global drop shipping companies can be obtained via SaleHoo without hassle.

Wholesale Suppliers

SaleHoo has even more wholesale suppliers in store for users with over 8,000 accessible. A broader selection of goods is made possible by the sheer number of providers on the platform. The prices of products from these providers also come at their original wholesale prices, sometimes even less. This will give users a much more substantial potential profit margin for their companies.

However, users need to be more specific with wholesale providers in regards to order than they ought to be with drop shipping suppliers. Remember that products would be ordered ahead of the sale when buying wholesale. Ordering wholesale also includes checking for minimum product order, which varies between suppliers. But, SaleHoo makes this job easier and easier for users.

You’ll be Protected from Fakes and Knockoff Products.

The best thing about SaleHoo is that they have the providers of most well known significant brands up for trade on their platform. This is particularly great for those people who are wanting to set up shop (so to speak) online through social media or e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

In reality, finding the providers of famous brands and buying products from them may be hard. Also, they would probably be unbranded, which means that you might get yourself buying fake products. Fakes are very dangerous for business, as you would be letting down your clients and you’ll probably get bad reviews. Transactions which are stricter may even land you a lawsuit for unknowingly selling fake products.

That SaleHoo will be those that will filter providers and their products is enough reason to consider them worth the money. All providers on SaleHoo are all verified through a rigorous process to show that they are offering the real thing. SaleHoo users do not need to worry about getting knockoff products and having their reputation ruined.

The most fantastic thing that SaleHoo can provide its users is that peace of mind. It would be a great deal harder to verify suppliers on your own, especially if you’re new to e-commerce. SaleHoo Amazon

SaleHoo Amazon

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SaleHoo’s Research Lab

SaleHoo proves that they are more than just a communication platform for providers and online shops as giving insight concerning the trends in orders and helping to secure the things with the maximum profit possible are services given to users.They’re very accurate, but you should consider that the market research can change depending on the country and its money.

You might think that selling products which are already being sold by many online shops is terrible as you are getting yourself in a lot of competition. Think again. SaleHoo has this stress insured, as it can offer the sell rate and competition data. This means that you can also view products which could have fewer competitors. This also means you could avoid going into saturated markets in case you’re not confident enough.

Apart from this, users will also receive month-by-month sales reports. Users will be able to spot trends before their competition using the data from these reports. The reports will include the amounts on the following criteria:


Frequency of being recorded


Sell rate

Training Program

It’s a given that standard online advertising businesses will involve a little more risk compared to a drop shipping business model. However, there are still ropes that you need to learn and issues to look out for such as scams, mishandling of products, and a lot more.

Although SaleHoo already takes care of the provider and product verification procedure, a SaleHoo subscription also comes free with useful guides to further help users through their ventures.

These newcomer guides are targeted at users that are completely new to setting up an internet store. The support and training that SaleHoo can give ranges from text manuals to videos. A group of specialists from SaleHoo write and narrate them. It is possible to ensure that these pros have a ton of experience in managing and running successful e-commerce businesses.

This amazing beginner guide is also quite comprehensive, covering many topics in 50 parts. They even have guides for users that are thinking about using platforms like eBay and Amazon for their companies.

SaleHoo’s forum for subscribers is another way for you to get support and suggestions from fellow online sellers. The forum has over 60,000 posts, with the subjects including selling tactics, spotting trends, suggestions for several sorts of product categories, and a lot more. SaleHoo Amazon


What’s even better is that SaleHoo will only charge you an annual flat rate of just $67. No hidden charges, no basic and premium plans. You’ve got access to everything that SaleHoo provides for only 67 bucks annually.

Now, this is one of those things which are true even if they sound too good. For just $67 each year, you will have all the tools that SaleHoo supplies, in addition to the free training guides and excellent community support.


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Another thing they do is over-deliver concerning customer service and free training. They want to assist you get your drop shipping company up and running, and it shows because they put in the effort.

Overall, they are the perfect startup directory. They have 2.5 million products, 8000 suppliers and a user-friendly platform. They supply you with a ‘safe space’ to find decent and respectable suppliers. There are far more extensive directories but none that provide the exact same level of service and support as SaleHoo.

I give two thumbs up. You can be sure that a lot of the hassle and stress that comes from online selling can be taken care of by this amazing service from New Zealand. They have simplified the already simple procedure of drop shipping by validating the genuineness of goods and providers on their platform.

Aside from that, they even took it upon themselves to help their users succeed in their online business ventures through the useful guides and the community forum where users can learn a lot from. You can be sure that you will only get the real deal by transacting with suppliers on SaleHoo’s platform.

It’s somewhat nitpicky at this point, but the only thing that SaleHoo likely can improve on is that the number of providers that they have on the stage. The wholesalers sit fine at 8,000, but the number on the drop shipping suppliers is quite low. This could be more than forgivable if you consider that SaleHoo prioritizes getting legit providers. However, it’s something which could make an already fantastic service even better.

FAQ SaleHoo Amazon

Q: Does SaleHoo take care of the delivery?

A: No, but you can speak to the supplier concerning the delivery.

Q: Does SaleHoo provide a free trial?

A: They only offer a $1 trial valid for seven days. Afterwhich, the $67 flat rate will be charged.

Q: Does SaleHoo provide refunds for your subscription fee?

A: Yes. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of subscribing.


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